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Experience the wilderness with all your senses.

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We craft our menus using in-season northern flora and fauna, and constantly try fresh ways to bring traditional northern ingredients into contemporary cooking.

Nothing tastes better than a locally sourced dinner with the midsummer sun flickering in the splashes of the river. In the winter, a crackling fire in the hearth keeps you warm and cozy as the polar night outside reaches subzero temperatures.

Let us take you on a journey through the pure northern landscape through our dishes.

On the menu

From the nature around us


Food from the forest, drink from the nature

Our menu is built around what is in season and locally sourced, and it changes two times a year to reflect the changes in nature. Have a look through our seasonal menu and book your table with us.

Inari menu

Local food from Inari area

Inari Menu 3


    Seasoned with mushroom garum, artichoke taco, angelica salsa and lingonberries

Recommended wine: Abbe Rous Pinot Noir
Non-alcoholic: Cranberry and birch lemonade


    Browned butter Hollandaise, grilled summer cabbage, broccoli and kale

Recommended wine: Kir-Yianni Assyrtiko
Non-alcoholic: Hops & grapefruit kombucha

  • forest

    Cep ice cream, spruce shoot granita, pine bark cake and berries

Recommended wine: Ainoa Bilberry
Non-alcoholic: Fireweed & sweetgrass juice

  • Price 56,50 €
  • Wine package 23,00 €
  • Non-alcoholic 14,50 €
  • LAKE INARI FISH, kyeli

    Fishing has always been the main economy of local Inarisaami. The red trout that breeds in Juutua River, has always been the best catch. Whitefish must be the best in Finland. It is a cornerstone of local life. Even in the Inarisami language the name for whitefish is simply kyeli, meaning also ‘fish’ in general. Also pike has been an important fish for us and airdried pike, koškepuško can be considered the symbol of our culture.

  • ANGELICA, puurrâmrääsi

    is a traditional Saami herbal plant that was used for preventing illnesses. Now we use it in cooking, in drinks and we also make a nice herbal vodka schnapps with it.

  • KAMCHATKA CRAB, konagâsrapu

    We consider Varangerfjord to be our neighbourhood, as we have historical connections to the area. From the fjord we get a real Arctic delicacy, Kamtschatka crab.

  • LAPPISH POTATO, pottáák

    is a protected EU trademark similar to Parma ham. The fine aroma of this potato comes from the special arctic growth conditions and our endless summer light.

Inari Menu 5

  • lake inari

    Lake Inari cured whitefish, brown trout chevice, vendace roe, pickled heather and fennel cream

Recommended wine: Julien Schaal Riesling Kaleidoscope
Non-alcoholic: Rooibos ice tea

  • arctic ocean

    Salt cod brandade, charred potato, dry pike and dashi air and sea flavours

Recommended wine: Bosco dei Cirmiole Prosecco
Non-alcoholic: Angelica juice


    Roasted reindeer smoked with pine, reindeer blood dumpling, blueberry lichen, wild musrooms and Lappish potato purée

Recommended wine: Camins del Priorat
Non-alcoholic: Crowberry juice


    Angelica ravioli, lingonberry granita and matchavaahtoa

  • smoke sauna

    Birch leaf sorbet, fresh cheese pudding with tar and birch wood stock

Recommended wine: Ainoa Vaapukka raspberry
Non-alcoholic:Raspberry lemonade

  • Price 78,00 €
  • Wine package 34,00 €
  • Non-alcoholic 21,50 €


"That was moreish, how about another round?"

White wines

  • Finca Bacara Yeyá

    Jumilla, Spain, moscatel, chardonnay

  • Julien Schaal Riesling Kaleidoscope

    Alsace, France, riesling

  • kir-yianni assyrtiko

    Macedonia, Greece, assyrtiko

  • gramona gessaní

    Gramona, Catalonia, gewürztraminer, sauvignon blanc, muscat

  • Roccafiore Fiordaliso Bianco

    Umbria, Italy, grechetto

  • Nikolaihof Grüner Veltliner “Classic”

    Wachau, Austria, grüner veltliner

Rose wine

  • kir-yianni akakies rosé

    Macedonia, Greece, xinomavro

Red wines

  • ferlat cabernet franc

    Friuli Venetzia Giulia, Italy, cabernet franc

  • Most Wanted Regions Primitivo

    Apulia, Italy, primitivo

  • Abbe Rous Pinot Noir

    Banyuls & Collioure, France, pinot noir

  • camins del priorat

    Priorato, Catalonia, merlot. cebernet sauvignon, syrah, samsó, grenache

  • La Rosa Douro Tinto

    Douro, Portugal, touriga franca, souzao, touriga nacional, tinta roriz

  • Rocim Alicante Bouschet

    Alentejo, Portugal, alicante bouschet

  • Persevero 2016

    Saint-Emilion, France, merlot


  • Tälvipeivi Frosty Day

    Cask Aqvavit, lingonberry vodka, roseroot syrup, allspice, lingonberry lemonade

  • Vekkuli

    Kyrö Dark Gin, blueberry lemonade, Ponzu Soy, tonic water

  • Tavemielâ Northern mood

    Kyrö Bitter, seabuckthorn liquer, roseroot syrup, tonic water

  • Muštoh Memories

    Koval Bourbon, tar liquer, pine bark syrup, Stout, orange juice

  • Puáris Vyevdi Old Forest

    Finnish brandy, butterscotch liquer, homemade ale, cep stock, apple juice

  • Ruottâseh Roots

    Cask Aqvavit, Martini Rosso, beetroot juice, dark balsamico, lingonberry juice

  • Sarečumme Winter kiss

    Blueberry vodka, herbal juice, sweetgrass syrup, oat milk

Non-alcoholic recommendations

  • Local juices by Lapin Sara

    Crowberry, Angelica, Spruceshoot, Sweetgrass & Willowherb, Cloudberry

  • Selkäjuomussaari

    Spruceshoot, beetroot juice, roseroot syrup, spruce powder, tonic water

  • Suovasaari

    Homemade ale, cloudberry juice, sweetgrass syrup

  • Jäniskari

    Rowanberry juice, juniper kombucha, sweetgrass syrup, tonic water

  • 3318

    Ginger juice, blackcurrant syrup, dark Balsamico, soda water

Sparkling wine and champagne

  • Corvezzo Prosecco

    Extra Dry NV, Veneto, Italy

  • Bosco dei Cirmiole Prosecco

    Rose Extra Dry, Veneto, Italy

  • Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve

    Champagne, France

  • Gramona La Cuvée Coprinnat

    Gramona, Catalonia

  • Champagne Moussé Fil L’Or d’Eugene NV

    Champagne, Vallée de la Marne, France